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About Us

We believe small businesses should have the same expertise available to them as large companies.

We bring big company know-how and procedures to small business accounting. We can help you establish accounting systems and approval processes that can be relied on so that you can be certain that your financial data is correct.

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 Enjoy long-term partnership with well-trained professionals.

Summit Solutions is a minority-woman-owned and minority-woman-staffed company. We have an extremely low turnover, which means that the people working on your account will be able to develop a history with you. We have monthly educational seminars so that all of our staff can keep up to date on the latest accounting strategies, technology, and legislation.

Veronica Herrera

Veronica Herrera

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Veronica Herrera is the face of Summit Bookkeeping, meeting with clients and training them on how to read their financial reports, working on strategy, and reviewing work. She has a knack for helping her clients lower their taxes, increase their profits, and manage their cash flow better.

Veronica takes great pride in being the founder and owner of Summit Bookkeeping, which provides accounting services to small and mid-sized businesses. Veronica’s greatest satisfaction is watching her small business clients grow and surpass their goals.

Some of the recent accomplishments Veronica has helped clients with include correcting a $30,000 invoicing error that would have increased the client’s taxes if not caught.

Prior to founding her own firm in 2007, Veronica worked as a bookkeeper for an investment banking firm and a nonprofit law firm. She also has sales experience in the telecommunications industry. Veronica earned her degree in accounting and political science from Santa Monica College. When she is not working, she enjoys going to movies and theater, reading presidential biographies (she’s a huge history buff), and walking her dog.


Eri Cronkhite

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Eri Cronkhite is a Founding Partner of Summit Business Advisors. She thrives on creating clean and accurate financial statements for her small business clients so they can be strategic about their business growth. She is passionate about solving accounting puzzles and providing cash management services using the Profit First method. Previously, Eri has held a variety of teaching and business management positions, and started a nonprofit animal welfare organization.

Eri enjoys working with businesses in all industries, including real estate and nonprofit. She is active in the nonprofit world and founded Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, an animal welfare nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless animals, in 2000.

Eri earned a BS in mathematics from Cal State University Los Angeles. When she is not working, she is a glutton for supernatural, fantasy, and horror entertainment (think Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Exorcist). She enjoys real estate investing, sports (especially volleyball which she played in college), and loves spending time with her boyfriend, four teenage kids, four dogs, and seven cats.

Eri helped a clothing manufacturer improve its bottom line by $100,000 by correcting its accounts payable and bill pay applications.

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Jennie Avalos

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Jennie Avalos is a bookkeeper dedicated to serving our clients with great customer service and a positive attitude. Her goal is to provide outstanding accounting so they can sleep better at night. Before joining Summit, Jennie worked at UCLA for 16 years. She says her greatest customer service lessons came while working in retail, and they have sustained throughout her career and personal life. Jennie earned a business fundamentals certificate, among other professional certificates, from UCLA. When she’s not in the office, Jennie can be found hiking, dancing, cooking, and spending time with her family—including going on road trips together.

“Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want.”

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Anshita Nahar

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Anshita Nahar is a bookkeeper for multiple clients in industries such as apparel, advertising, real estate, and health care. Her biggest tip: keep personal and  business expenses separate to get correct numbers! She loves working with the women of Summit, who appreciate, inspire, and help each other to learn and grow every day. Anshita earned certifications in accounting from UCLA Extension and QBO ProAdvisor. On the weekends, she loves spending time with her family, working out, and cooking.

“Karma: What goes around comes around, keep the circle positive, peaceful, and loving.”

Stop feeling shame around accounting.

We’re on a mission to help stop business owners from feeling bad about their lack of accounting expertise. Did you get a degree in accounting? Earn all the certifications or receive continuous training? If the answer is no, then don’t feel bad. You are an expert at what you do. We are experts in accounting. Outsource your accounting and you can spend more time growing your business, while knowing that your accounting is being taken care of by professionals who will most likely save you some money in the process.

Instead of hiring a part-time employee to do your accounting, enjoy a dedicated team for the same price.

Instead of hiring a part-time employee for $20 or even $40 an hour, Summit Solutions offers you a team approach, with two accounting professionals dedicated to your business. The junior staffer will perform the accounting work and the senior staffer will review it for accuracy. It’s a win-win for you.

The freedom to get away.

I have one client who has an engineering firm who, in addition to performing his duties as lead engineer and developing new business, would spend many hours chained to his desk managing all the little weeds of accounting, invoicing, and timesheets. After we came in and established accounting and time-tracking systems, he is confident that we can take care of all of his accounting needs.  In fact, he recently left to go to France for six weeks, which would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

It’s about more than just numbers, it’s about know-how.

Our goal is to provide you with accurate and up-to-date financial data on your company. We’ll produce weekly or monthly reports and then train you on how to read and draw insights from them so that you can make the best-informed decisions.

What it’s like working with Summit Accounting Solutions:

  • We love small business – We love working with our small to-midsize clients and watching them grow.

  • Banish your accounting shame – We went to school to become accountants, you didn’t. Trust us with your numbers so you can spend more time growing your business.

  • Two is better than one – We work in teams. One accounting professional is dedicated to your business, another senior staff member reviews the work.

  • Know how more than numbers – We’ll provide you with correct, precise financial data. More importantly, we’ll teach what to do with that information.

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