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The Onboarding Process Step by Step

This page provides a step by step overview of the entire on-boarding process

 1. Gather

If you are looking at this page then you have received the on-boarding email we sent that contains links to forms you need to fill out about your business.  The email also introduces the staff that will be working with. Welcome!

 2. Build 

We will be building a new QuickBooks Online file for you if you don't have one or we get access (as an accountant) from you if you already have one. We set up any new apps discussed in the proposal stage.

3. Meeting

We hold an on-boarding session on zoom (30-45 min) and provide an overview of our service, confirm expectations and requirements. Introduce service team. Assist setup and access to various accounts needed to complete your books i.e. banking access, payroll account access, QBO access for you and your team.  Make an appointment here.

4. Activate

We go live with your bookkeeping, complete transition from previous process or bookkeeper.

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