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Accountant Records

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Trust us with your accounting—and all the headaches

As a small-business owner, you must wear many hats, but accounting shouldn’t be one of them! Trust us to handle your accounting to make sure your accounts are accurate, timely, and efficiently processed.

Accounting in the cloud.

We perform all of your accounting using accounting software that is entirely online and completely secure. This empowers us to work with any small business, no matter the location.

Partnering with Summit can be better for your health:

  • Sleep better – Stop waking up in the middle of the night wondering if you made that deposit or paid that invoice on time. You can sleep better knowing that your accounts are being handled by the professionals.

  • Recharge your batteries – Stop spending your Saturdays working on the books. Relax. Recharge. Revitalize.

Bookkeeping Services
How Summit can improve the health of your business:

  • Have insight behind the numbers – We don’t just provide you with accurate reporting, we teach you how to make sense of it all so you can make better informed businesses.

  • Greet tax time with a roar – Your books will be ready. And better yet, we can work directly with your tax pros. Taxes, stress-free.

  • Enjoy an extra set of eyes – We’ll let you know if we see spending that looks high or notice something that doesn’t look right. We can also suggest ways to reduce risk.

  • Time to work on your business – again, how can your business grow if you’re spending your time on the numbers?

We’ll take care of numbers so you can take care of your business.

Contact us and we can design a service package that fits your budget and needs:

  • Bank Reconciliations – We check if your bank statements match the accounting in your system and correct any errors.

  • Accounts Receivable – We’ll lead the charge with invoicing, accounts receivable management, and collections.

  • Accounts Payable – Let the pros take care of bill processing, including submission, document management, approvals, check writing, and payments

  • Actionable Financial Reports – Receive an income statement and balance sheet every month. This can help you hone in on the most profitable parts of your business.

  • Tax-Ready Books – Imagine just handing your financials to your tax people. Yes, it can be that easy. We take care of everything.

  • Sales Tax Requirements – Depending on your products and services, local and state taxes can be more complicated. Let us stay on top of all of the changes for you.

At the Office
Before you begin: Setting up your accounting system.

There are loads of accounting systems out there, including many forms of QuickBooks. We can help you set up a new accounting system or help you improve the system you currently use. We can also train your team and help streamline your accounting workflow.

And what if your accounting is a complete mess?

Receipts in a shoebox? We can work with that. Our Accounting Rescue service can help you get caught up in a week or so. Contact us to find out more.

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